Thursday, May 9, 2013

Drawbacks of galaxy note 2

Here we will show you some of our reviews of  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 
Galaxy note 2 drawbacks

the main drawbacks is :

  1. Dimming the screen during use and that is  for the purpose of maintaining the battery life but doing that makes you  lose the  viewing pleasure.
  1. when you try to set an image as device background it doesn't set the full image as background but part of it.
  1. one of the main drawbacks of galaxy note 2 is that you cannot  move (install) applications to the external(memory)  storage (SD card)

so when you just look to those main drawbacks you feel like why Samsung doesn't take care of that
its not so hard to handle installing apps on the external memory cuz its supported on the other Samsung devices and for setting the image as a background too ,

for me , i already  handled those drawbacks using some apps cuz you can just install some apps that handle all of those issues for you 
but the big question why Samsung not doing that for us?


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